Elephant and Friends

One day an elephant wandered into a forest in search of friends. He saw a monkey on a tree. “Will you be my friend?” asked the elephant. Replied the monkey, “You are too big. You can not swing from trees like me.” Next, the elephant met a rabbit. He asked him to be his friends. But the rabbit said, “You are too big to play in my burrow!” Then the elephant met a frog.
“Will you be my friend? He asked.
“How can I?” asked the frog.
“You are too big to leap about like me.”
The elephant was upset. He met a fox next.
“Will you be my friend?” he asked the fox.
The fox said, “Sorry, sir, you are too big.”
The next day, the elephant saw all the animals in the forest running for their lives. The elephant asked them what the matter was. The bear replied, “There is a tiger in the forest. He’s trying to gobble us all up!” The animals all ran away to hide. The elephant wondered what he could do to solve everyone in the forest. Meanwhile, the tiger kept eating up whoever he could find. The elephant walked up to the tiger and said, “Please, Mr. Tiger, do not eat up these poor animals.”
“Mind your own business!” growled the tiger.
The elephant has a no choice but to give the tiger a hefty kick. The frightened tiger ran for his life. The elephant ambled back into the forest to announce the good news to everyone. All the animals thanked the elephant. They said, “You are just the right size to be our friend.”

1. Why other animal don't want to be friend with elephant?
a. Because elephant is too small
b. Because elephant want to eat the other animal
c. Because the other animal hate elephant
d. Because elephant is too big
e. Because elephant is the lonely animal

2. Who refuses to be a friend of elephant?
a. Monkey, rabbit, frog, fox
b. Monkey, rabbit, bear, tiger
c. Fox, Monkey, frog, bird
d. Bird, monkey, sloth
e. All of animal

3.What is not exemplary of the story above?
a. Lie for the good
b. Not wasting time
c. Discriminate distinguish friend
d. Friends without discriminating distinction
e. Wasting your time

4. "One day an elephant wandered into a forest in search of friends." (Paragraph 1)
    The underlined word can be replaced by?
a. Trust
b. Walk
c. Run
d. Roam
e. Jump

5. What is the moral value from the story above?
a. We have to be friends with the same size
b. We have to be friends without discriminating distinction
c. To be friendly we must fight the tiger first
d. Don't trust a person that you just met
e. We must do anything for friends


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